Brand In A Box

Your Instant Brand Solution

Right Brand. Right Price. Right Now.

Elevate your car wash business with uniquely curated brands. Exceptional design without the wait. It’s your shortcut to success.

Consultative Process

Receive expert assistance in selecting a car wash brand perfectly aligned with your business objectives.

Fast & Convenient

Jumpstart your car wash business with expertly crafted pre-designed brands ready for immediate use.


Easily communicate your brand with marketing teams for consistency across your materials.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive edge by adopting a distinctive brand identity meticulously crafted by car wash specialists.

Beyond Aesthetics

Your brand guide goes beyond your logo, it encompasses your brand voice, vision, mission, typography, and colors.

It’s your master guide when working with designers. It’s the rules on how to use the different elements of your brand to keep consistent across marketing materials.

Brand In A Box Includes

  • Car Wash Name, Theme & Logo
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Icons, Textures & Backgrounds
  • Uniform Concept & Embroidery File
  • Brand Strategy Mission, Vision & Value Statements
  • 1 Coming Soon Banner
  • 1,000 Business Cards
  • 1 Brand Poster
  • 1,000 Review Cards
  • Complete Brand Book Document

Expertly Crafted, Ready for You!

Unlock the Power of Impeccable Design Right at Your Fingertips.

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