Facebook Advertising for Car Washes

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Hey guys! I’m Mike Berlin with Slam Carwash Marketing. Every few weeks, I’m going to bring you some information to consider when marketing your carwash. I call it the Slam Six. This week is Facebook advertising. Did you know there’s over two billion monthly Facebook users? No matter what your kids say, Facebook is not dead! Your customers are on it every day.

The cost to advertise on TV is still about twenty times more expensive than Facebook. When we talk Facebook advertising, video is king. On average users watch videos five times longer than static post. If you’re thinking about advertising your carwash and want to try Facebook, here are six things to consider.

1. Geo-target Tight

Don’t spray and pray! Keep your target audience close and tight. Express car washes are an impulse buy. It’s a routine and super hyper local. in most cases, I would focus ads on a two-to-three-mile radius around each washed location.

2. Exclusions

Don’t pay to show your ads to people that won’t buy your car wash. With an audience exclusion, you can set up targeting rules to avoid showing your ads to the wrong people. We don’t need to show unlimited wash club ads to 14-year-olds or people that don’t own cars. The people we exclude is important for keeping our ads focused and being smart with our money.

3. Look-Alikes

A look-alike audience is a way to reach new people. Just like your best customers, you can use Facebook to help you study the demographics and interest of your current customer lists. You can also load in your club member list and Facebook will help you find more people just like them to serve ads to. They have a higher probability of becoming new customers.

4. The Facebook Pixel

There’s no need to guess how people are interacting with your website. Setting up the pixel will help you understand how people are browsing your business online. It basically is a piece of code that gives you data. For example, the pixel will tell us that someone went to your product page. Allowing you to see what they’re browsing for; you might discover that most people are clicking on $50 gift cards. With this information, you can then start to entice more people to buy them through Facebook ads.

5. A/B Test Your Ads

It’s important to test different ads to learn which ones are the most successful. For example, you can use the same video in two different ads but write different messages. You can use the data and scrap the one that’s not performing well. You won’t know which ads work the best unless you test them out.

6. Retargeting

Retargeting is basically marketing to the people that have been to your website. Have you ever searched for something, like a leaf blower, online and the next day you’re getting hammered with Facebook ads for the new Rio B 40-volt leaf blower? That’s retargeting. Retargeting is important because it can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your advertising. You’re serving ads to more qualified leads. The more qualified the lead, the more likely they are to buy. It’s better use of your money and more than likely they will show up at your pay station.

I hope this gets you guys thinking about your wash and how to better market it. If you want some advice, need some help or have a question, email or message us on Facebook.

I’d like to give a quick shout out and thanks to Sonny’s the Car Wash Factory who sponsors this video series. They are the best in the business and can help you make lots of money in the car wash business.

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